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Zebra Butter Cake

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Except breakfast, tea time is the time I looking forward to all day long. Usually I’ll have some Chinese tea time snacks such as Traditional Chives Chinese Pancakes, Pumpkin Baozi or Turnip Cake. When I get bored will switch to eat some western tea-time delights such as Banana Bread, No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake with Honey Jelly Topping or this simple and easy butter cake. It’s taste perfect with tea or black coffee.

Ingredients of Zebra Butter Cake
Ingredients of Zebra Butter Cake

The general method of this traditional butter cake is the creaming method. Also known as the ‘sugar-shortening’ method, the cream is first whipped with sugar and mixed with air to form a feather. Add the egg slowly and one by one, add the wet ingredients like yogurt and vanilla essence in portions after emulsification. Remember don’t overmix the batter after adding in the eggs, it will affect oil and water separate. This recipe we added yogurt to makes it have a slightly special flavour and reduce some greasiness.

We using the whole egg method for this recipe
We using the whole egg method for this recipe

Different Method

If you want to make the cake taste more delicate and velvety texture, you can try the separating eggs method or as known foaming method. Carefully separate the egg white from the egg yolk, because the egg white touches the egg yolk will affect the whipping process (oil or water will affect the whipping process of egg white). The egg protein in the egg will generate bubbles when contacted with the air, but the egg yolk will inhibit the formation of bubbles.

The step of making the foaming egg whites methods is to add a portion of sugar into egg whites and whipping it until stiff peak. That is the peak stands straight up when the beaters are lifted from the mixture and not easy to collapse. After the egg whites foams, you can mix in the egg yolk batter to bake. The purpose of egg white and egg yolk are separately, and mixed it after the eggs whites foaming is to get more bubbles and volume. As a result, the texture will be softer and lighter.

Need 2 to 3 color batter to make a zebra texture butter cake
Need 2 to 3 color batter to make a zebra texture butter cake

As for the recipe we shared is the creaming method by using whole eggs at once. The operation is simple and easy. Using the whole egg method for the cake body is less likely to form bubbles compare to the foaming method. And in the end, the cake will be more solid and denser. All this depends on personal preference.

Information from the internet

19th-century butter cake is a common cake in the United States, the main ingredients are butter. Other materials: sugar, eggs, flour and baking powder. Recognized as one of the classic cakes in the United States. The origin is the British pound cake. A traditional rich puff pastry made with equal amounts of cream, flour, sugar and eggs.

Zebra Butter Cake

Zebra Butter Cake

Add more color texture into a classic butter cake, the cocoa and butter is a perfect match. And this recipe we added yogurt to makes it have a slightly special flavour and reduce some greasiness.

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Course: Bakery
Cuisine: Western
Keyword: Cake, Dessert, simple delicious
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 55 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings: 6 people
Calories: 674kcal


  • 20cm x 20cm x 5cm Baking Tray


  • 240 g All Purpose Flour
  • 60 g Corn Starch
  • 6 g Baking Powder
  • 35 g Powdered Milk
  • 35 g Yogurt
  • 250 g Unsalted Butter
  • 180 g Sugar
  • 2 g Salt
  • 20 g Cocoa Powder
  • 4 Large Eggs Room Temperature, about 55g each
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Essence


  • Beat the unsalted butter to fluff and loosen.
  • Add in the sugar to the butter and cream both together until light and fluffy.
  • Add in the vanilla essence, salt, powdered milk and yogurt mix well.
  • Add in the eggs one by one, mixing well after each addition.
  • Sift in the all purpose flour, corn starch and baking powder mixture into the batter and mix using a whisk to prevent overmixing.
  • Ready another 2 bowls to separate the batter, one add in 15g cocoa powder another bowl add in only 5g cocoa powder and mix well.
  • Pour the original flavor, light cocoa color and deep cocoa color batter in sequence, and hit it against the counter to dislodge excessive air bubbles and settle down a little bit.
  • Keep doing the same operation until finish all batter.
  • Pre heat 160°C for 10 minutes, then bake the cake for about 55 minutes (Please adjust the temperature and baking time according to your own oven) or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.
  • Cool it for 15 minutes then upside down for a denser finish. This cake tastes best after being stored 24 hours at room temperature.



Serving: 1people | Calories: 674kcal | Carbohydrates: 75.5g | Protein: 11.6g | Fat: 38g | Saturated Fat: 22.8g | Cholesterol: 215mg | Sodium: 450mg | Potassium: 297mg | Sugar: 33.7g | Calcium: 159mg | Iron: 3mg
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Zebra Butter Cake