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About Us

Dream Set Sail-Tea Home Cafe

We met in 2009, we both love food and a dream of running a café together. The next year, we opened the Tea Home Cafe behind our friend’s tea house in the Penang Georgetown heritage area. Our cafe is a nostalgia theme, there are many decorations and furniture from the 1950s and playing nostalgic songs in our cafe. We served private cuisine based on tea recipe.

My Lovely Recipes

Because at that time, we loved to travel too much and we were tired of waiting for customers to come to our door every day. So, in 2012, we moved to the Shashira’s Grandma house, and there have a small little farm. My Lovely Lunch was born there. The cute bento is a home delivery service, and we deliver the lunch selected by the customer. The operation of this business is that we both got up in the early morning and prepared all the preorders that were placed by yesterday. The meals were mainly Japanese dishes. However, because Shashira often stayed up all night and worked hard, the old wound of car accidents had a seizure, so we decided to end the business.

Shashira’s Grandma House
Shashira & Orange

Wander Lust

During 2014, we filmed a few simple recipe videos together. After that, we were headstrong and wandered around west Malaysia as backpackers working and changing accommodations, doing beautification and restoration work for different homestays.

My Lovely Recipes

At the beginning of 2020, due to the pandemic, everyone can only communicate and learn through the Internet. During the pandemic, everyone was cooking at home and we felt that the channel established a few years ago could be used to share some recipes. We started to study the various techniques of shooting videos, video editing etc. We started from the beverage recipes that one to two minutes. The two of us walked all the way to this day, it is not easy and we had learned so much from making recipes, especially the traditional foods. Together, we have overcome more than a thousand thoughts of giving up. I hope that in the future, we can still work together to film various delicious recipes to warm everyone’s heart and stomach.

Team of My Lovely Recipes


Produce recipes, caption of videos, description of recipes and videos.


Produce music, video shooting, editing and photo shooting.

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