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We have been sharing dessert cakes recently. Let’s make a savory cake today. Our taro cake may be different from your impression. This recipe was taught by my mother-in-law, and the taste will focus on taro, dried shrimp, and shallot oil. This is the taro cake (Hokkien: Orh Kueh) that we often eat at home.

We Made ASMR Instructional Cooking Videos.

Relaxing and peaceful vibes instructional cooking videos, step by step show you how to make the recipes.

Our videos might helps release stress.

Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines. Ingredients common is rice, ginger, garlic, chillies…. Curry is a common dish in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Chinese Cuisine

Are you a Chinese food lover? You can find a variety of Chinese Cuisine recipes on this page. From the popular Dim Sum dish to a home secret cooking side dish recipes

Nyonya Cuisine

Nyonya cuisine or Peranakan cuisine comes from the Peranakans. Descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Malaysia and Singapore inter-marrying with local Malays.

Western Cuisine

You can find lovely western cuisine recipes on this page. From the main course to a dessert.  Something like cheesecakes, pancakes, bread, spaghetti…etc.