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Almond Cookies

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This issue I still share with you how to make New Year’s cookies. If you have made the butter cookies from the previous issue, with butter cookies as the basics of baking cookies, these almond cookies are easy to get started with. This cookie is crunchy and has a tangy almond nut flavor.

Toasted Almond Powder

Bought almond powder is generally not toasted. I have tried raw almond powder and used it directly to make cookies. I feel that the taste is not fragrant enough unless the cookies are over-baked. So I think it will be more fragrant to make the cookies with toasted almond flour.

Toasted Almonds

I have also tried using raw almonds directly on top of the cookies for baking. However, the cookies had enough baked but almonds were still undercooked. It tastes a bit undercooked and tastes not fragrant. So I put the raw almonds in salted water and scooped it out before roasting them. The purpose of the brine is to make the almonds taste a little salty and have a richer taste. Skip this step if you bought almonds already roasted or if you prefer unroasted almonds. The taste is very personal.

the brine is to make the almonds taste a little salty and have a richer taste
the brine is to make the almonds taste a little salty and have a richer taste

The Role of Cornstarch

Cornstarch, also known as starch. It works here to make the cookies flakier. Other starches such as tapioca and potato starch are also fine. Friends who like to eat crispy cookies can also adjust the ratio of low protein flour and cornstarch.

Whisk the Butter

The purpose of whipping the butter is to make the cookies slightly rise up when they are baked so that the cookies will not be hard and will have that crispy texture. As mentioned earlier, the practice of these almond cookies is based on the butter cookies, which is the same in the part of processing the butter. It also depends on how much softened butter should be used for whipping. The butter must be still cold to the touch, but soft enough to be dented when you lightly press it with your hands. If the butter used is too hard, the air won’t get in. If it is too soft to be liquid and can’t hold air, so a moderately softened butter is ideal.

whipping the butter is to make the cookies slightly rise up when they are baked
whipping the butter is to make the cookies slightly rise up when they are baked

Cookies Shape

The most classic and simple shape is to round and flatten it, put an almond on it, send it to the oven for baking, and then egg wash to get egg-flavored almond cookies. This kind of thickness is a bit thick and it tastes crunchy. If you like to eat crispily, you can flatten the dough or use a cute mold to make it, but the mold with small details is not suitable for brushing egg wash. Because, when the expression is baked, it will become blurred and not so cute. The thickness of the cookies and the baking time will affect the crispness of the cookies. The thinner the cookies or the longer they bake, the crispier they will be, which in turn will be crispier. So it can be adjusted according to personal preference, one recipe can make two different tastes.

The recipes we share in this issue can only make about 20 pieces of almond cookies. If you want to make more, you can go down to adjust the recipes.

If you like the almond cookies recipe we share, welcome to share it with your relatives and friends~ I wish you a healthy life!

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Each one hugging an almond, these are lovely~
Each one hugging an almond, these are lovely~
杏仁饼 Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies

This almond cookies tastes crispy and has a very fragrant almond nut flavor. The method of making it is also very simple!

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Course: Bakery
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: Cookies, Dessert, festival
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings: 20 pieces
Calories: 66kcal


  • 70 g Softened Unsalted Butter
  • 30 g Icing Sugar
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 40 g Low Protein Flour
  • 50 g Cornstarch
  • 30 g Almond Powder
  • 10 g Custard Powder
  • 20 pcs Almond

Egg Wash

  • 1 pc Egg York
  • 1 tsp Water


  • Fry almond powder over low heat until fragrant and set aside to cool.
  • Wash almonds with salt water, drain and bake in the oven at 160°C for 15 minutes.
  • Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl, add the salt and softened butter. Mix well with a spatula first.
  • Using a whisk on low speed first and then turn to high speed, beat the butter until fluffy and feathery, light in color.
  • Sift in the almond powder, custard powder, low protein flour, and cornstarch. Mix well with a spatula, then make it into a dough with your hands.
  • Wrap the dough in plastic wrap, press it flat, and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Divide the dough into 10g each, roll it into a ball and flatten it and put on the almond.
  • Put it in the oven preheated to 160°C, bake at 160°C for 15 minutes, take out for the egg wash and bake for 5-10 minutes to color.
  • After baking, let it cool before placing it in an airtight container.



Serving: 1piece | Calories: 66kcal | Carbohydrates: 6.1g | Protein: 0.9g | Fat: 4.3g | Saturated Fat: 1.9g | Cholesterol: 9mg | Sodium: 37mg | Potassium: 12mg | Fiber: 0.4g | Sugar: 1.5g | Calcium: 5mg
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杏仁饼 Almond Cookies